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  MFG 230 - Computer Aided Manufacturing

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Pictured are the machines you'll be using and the sorts of things past students have made or could make with each (more info under "Class projects" link).

  From the top, the machines are: The Okuma CNC turning center, the Fadal CNC milling center, and the Sodick CNC wire EDM. (The machines are not all shown at the same scale.)
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   Provides access (through your Route-Y account) to homework, syllabus, etc. (for current students only).

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  Class projects


Wire EDM project
  - CNC lathe chessmen
  - Gibbs & milling projects

  Machine tutorials
    and CNC code


Code blocks and


G&M code indices

- Sodick tutorial
  Example syllabus


includes complete class description and reading / homework schedule.

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